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B.Sc.Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies

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Application fee €100 one-time
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We live in the golden age of information. Every day, we are bombarded with hundred times more information than ever before. We communicate using high-end technologies: visual, audio and written.

Naturally, with the exponential growth of the field, the job market needs professionals who can solve the challenges and possess the skills and competences to manage the complex world of communications.

Bachelor in Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies at KTU will prepare you to work in multicultural business, government, or public sector organisations. You will be able to create and manage quality content using the latest technology.

This is the first 3 years’ bachelors programme in Lithuania, which is run in conjunction with the University of Twente (Netherlands). In this programme, you will have the opportunity to study at the University of Twente for one semester and obtain a certificate attesting to this.

Unique communications study programme as much of the focus is given to the technological tools of communication: systems of content management, website management, communication analysis, quantitative and qualitative IT tools, tools of social media data management, visual and textual interfaces
Project-based study model, during which students solve real-life challenges
Opportunity to go for a semester to study in one of the most innovative universities of Europe: the University of Twente in the Netherlands
Communication experts, international lecturers (from the University of Twente, University of Bologna, University of Turin) and practitioners among the teachers

Programme structure

1 semester

Communication Theories
Informatics 1
Introduction to Communication
Organizational Communication

2 semester

Academic and Technical Communication in English (Level C1)
Political Communication in the Media
Risk and Crisis Communication
Electives of Philosophy and Sustainable Development 2021
Media Philosophy
Sustainable Development

3 semester

Audiovisual Laboratory and Communication Design
Public Relations Management and Compulsive Technologies
Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Social Research
Text Laboratory

4 semester

Information Systems Graphical User Interface
Product Development Project
Optional Subjects 2021
Electives of Social Reearch Methods
Social Networks and Media Analysis
Survey Research
Text Analytic

5 semester

Electives of Twin exchange or electives of modules group

6 semester

Final Degree Project
Professional Internship

Career opportunities

Information management competences; Competences of development of textual/audio-visual content; Competences of ICT application; Media literacy.

Student’s skills:
– Able to manage information in a targeted manner using IC technologies;
– Able to apply theory and methods of communication;
– Able to critically analyse and create information (content), select the instruments corresponding to the audience’s needs.

Apply now! Fall semester 2024
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
16 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2024
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
16 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

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