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Latvia, Latvia, Riga
Deposit €4,699 per programme

Using this package, YOU SAVE 39% = 2914.00 EUR

Пользуясь этим пакетом, ТЫ ЭКОНОМИШЬ 39% = 2914.00 евро

Registration fee €100 one-time

Baltic Center Registration Fee Includes:
– Consultations for selection of HEI
– Migration & visa consultation
– Registration in the Baltic Center database
HEI admission documents’ check
– General testing for all Baltic Center HEIs – Admission Examination
– Student’s admission to HEI, maximum 3 registrations per one fee.
& In case of HEI change at the request of a student, after the admission letter receiving from HEI, a transfer to another HEI is for an extra cost.
– Documents’ arrangement for the payments to HEI
– Bonus – on the written application of a student, preparation and transfer of the invitation for the embassy.
& The period of preparation from week to two months

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Before student’s arrival to the place of study

- Selection of HEI
- Migration & visa consultation
- Registration in the Baltic Center database
- HEI admission documents’ check
- General testing for all the Baltic Center HEIs
- Student’s admission to HEI. During the first admission the change of HEI after the admission letter receiving is FREE of charge.
- Documents’ check for the Residence Permit
- Student’s registration for the interview at the Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian embassies
- Student’s preparation for the interview at the Latvian, Lithuanian or Estonian embassies
- Health Insurance policy arrangement for D visa obtaining. Including the cost of insurance policy
- Visa documents preparation
- Accompanying a student to the embassy. The service is available in case if in your country there is an official representation of the Baltic Center
- Consular fee in the embassy
- Supervision of student’s documents arrangement and submission to HEI
- Documents preparation for payments to HEI & state institutions
- Air ticket booking. Upon a written request from the student
- Logistic support of a student in transits. Upon a written request from the student

Upon student’s arrival to the place of study

- Meeting of a student at the airport in Latvia/ Lithuania/ Estonia
- Providing a personal driver & a car for a month (in the city of study)
- A local sim-card with balance and the Internet traffic is provided at the airport upon arrival
- Mentor checklist and additional useful informative materials are provided at the airport upon arrival
- Book “Student’s Guide”
- Transfer from the airport to the place of residence once
- Studio apartment in the closest vicinity to HEI for a month. Including rent and utility costs
- Accommodation in the Baltic Center Residence
Guaranteed place
- Booking of a student’s accommodation on the territory of Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia (If a student can’t stay at the Baltic Center Residence)
It is necessary to submit a written application before arriving to the country of study at least 1 month in advance.
Applications that were submitted while enrolling to HEI are examined in priority.
Submission of the application does not guarantee a place in the hostel, therefore, we ask you to take care of writing the application in advance.
- Personal Assistant for 1 month
- Escorting student to the HEI, familiarity with the rules and employees, adaptive excursion (upon the arrival of the student)
- Time slot booking for Residence Permit document submission in migration affairs
- Residence Permit documents preparation (application form, letters, reservations, etc.)
- Migration fee for a super urgent 5 days consideration of a residence permit
- Control of preparation and submitting of documents to the migration department for obtaining a residence permit
- Escorting student to the Migrattion Department for subbmiting Residance Permit Documents
- Making an appointment and escorting to a Health Centre for x-ray for the residence permit purposes. Including the cost of medical services.
- Time slot booking in migration affairs for ID Card preparation.
- Health Insurance policy arrangement for Residence Permit period. Include Standard cost of an insurance policy. There is an opportunity to choose other types of insurance, the cost is discussed separately
- Verification and translation of the decision from the migration department
- Accompanying the student to the migration department for fingerprints, signatures and photos on the ID Card
- Student transfer from one HEI to another
- Booking participation in cultural and educational tours organized by Baltic Center. Includes 2 tours in Latvia. It is possible to choose other tours for an additional payment.
- Help in the information on attendance and academic progress of the student for the entire period of study. Upon written application of the student or parents, at any period of study
- Preparation of documents for extension of residence permit if student continue to study in the university at which the student initially arrived (during the study period)
- Remaking of the student’s residence permit in case of a change of place of study (only in the territory of the Baltic countries)
- Opening a bank account. Including bank charges
- Latvian Language courses – 3 months FREE
- Mentor for consultations in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia for one year
- Consultations on Migration or Study issues throughout the studing period. But not more than 10 academic hours.
- Juridical consultations on any kind of corporate and migration issues. Including preparation of documents. (10 working hours, in addition to the above migration consultations)

Not included in the package

- The tuition fee and additional fees of the university.
- Air ticket cost

This package includes all the necessary LUXURY Class services. In case if you need something extra, please do not hesitate to ask any of our colleagues.

Important information

  • You can order additional services to this package at any convenient time
  • Additional services can be ordered before and after your arrival, as well as during or after your study period.

You are the STUDENT of Baltic Center for the studing period, even if you are stoped study or went into a academic vacation.

  • Any student can apply for a grant or other bonus programs regardless of the selected package of services.
  • In case that you have not properly register applications or requests for services, money can not be refund.
  • The services included in the package are can not be shared, transmitted or canceled, you can not deduct the amount of money for unused or unnecessary services.
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Jan 1, 2020 23:59
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Studies commence
Feb 1, 2020
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Sep 1, 2019

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