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MScPublic Governance and Administration

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To prepare experts in public administration, governance and management, implementers and analysts of public policy programmes. Programme is primarily intended for those aspiring to work in various public sector organizations.

Programme structure

The learning format of the master’s programme is a combination of face-to-face sessions and online activities in the Moodle system of distance learning. Students must study 5 courses within semester. These courses are not delivered at the same time, but they are divided into parts: the first three courses are included in the first half of the semester, and the other two are delivered in the second half. Usually, a 6-credit course implies 8 weeks of online learning.
During face-to-face sessions students attends lectures, participate in the seminars and practical trainings and pass exams. During the first session in the semester they have introductory lections and during the second/ third sessions they participate in the seminars and practical trainings, and pass exams. During face-to-face sessions held in the middle of the semester students participate in the final classes of the courses of the first half of semester and listen to introductory lections of the courses of the second half. Similarly, sessions are held at the end of semester and at the beginning of the next one. Thus, in total, 5 sessions are held in an academic year.
In the periods between the sessions the study process continues in the Moodle where students could find all necessary information on the required and additional literature, receive instructions on assignments, participate in online classes and get online consultations from the lecturers.

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be able:
-to analyse and evaluate public governance process and programmes
-to understand comparative specifics of public governance and administration
-independently plan, organize and execute various activities in public sector organizations
-to implement and assist in designing organizational reforms, implement innovations
-conduct independent applied research on the issues of public governance and administration

After completion of this Programme graduates receive Master degree in Public Administration. They will have an opportunity to take up professional position in public administration sector, in international and national nongovernmental organizations and companies of private sector. They will also be able to perform analytical work at consultancies and think tanks or continue into PhD studies in political science or other related fields.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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