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Intensive English and Cross-cultural Communication

Tuition fee €600 per programme
Registration fee US$150 one-time

You need to choose student status:
Base – 150 USD
Standard – 500 USD
VIP – 900 USD
For making decisions please contact your admission manager in Baltic Center.
You become a part of student union and ambassador program automatically after you will get Base or Standard or VIP status.

*Do not forget to ask discount


We are living in the century when the whole world can be recognized as one common space where we all should get along and care for each other and the planet. Thanks to modern technical progress, we can go to any place on the globe, just pick one you like more. Due to this fact we are able to meet different people. But are we ready for it? Are we ready and willing to understand diverse cultures?

This summer school offers a wonderful opportunity to widen your inner boundaries and come to Latvia for cultural difference, intercultural communication and, of course, the English language proficiency experience – to improve your all-round language ability and develop your fluency and communication.

Students will participate in lectures, discussions, debates and conversation activities on topics related to cultural changes, urban social ecosystems, sustainable entrepreneurship and social business, so the main aim of the participants’ effort will be to focus attention on the ideas and solutions that create social value as well as the processes through which they are generated.

The summer school’s aim is to show to participants how diverse our world is! The best way to perceive is learning by sharing your own personal experience supplementing it with presence in an unusual environment.

Programme structure

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:
● Intercultural Awareness and Communication
● Cultural Dimensions
● Theory of Diversity
● Successful Negotiation
● Intercultural Intelligence
● Effective/Defective Conflict Management
● Storytelling Strategies and Techniques
● Media and Communication

Apply now! Summer 2022
Application period has ended
Studies commence
8 Aug 2022
Apply now! Summer 2022
Application period has ended
Studies commence
8 Aug 2022