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Childcare and Language Assistance with Co-op

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Canada, British Columbia
Tuition fee CA$14,500 per programme
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The more you know about Canada, the more confident you are communicating in English, the more you know about the fundamentals of business, the better you will be able to adapt to the Canadian work environment. The Canadian Workplace Skills programs provide students with an orientation to Canada, the education environment, English language and communication skills, and employment readiness. Each one of the programs focuses on different sectors of industry.

The Childcare and Language Assistant (Co-operative Diploma) program provides all of the areas described above as well as the knowledge of working with children, including child development, early learning in BC (and Canada) and its regulatory environment, child guidance, health, safety, and nutritional needs of children, the Montessori method and creative learning, and assisting in the learning with language arts.

The courses are provided with a variety of activities via classroom, guest speakers, observations, in-class practice, and field trips. It also includes a co-op placement to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class.

Students will be able to gain work experience in childcare settings such as daycare facilities, home child care, after-school programs, and community-based activity programs. The purpose of the work experience is to introduce students to the environment of working with children in a safe, health, and creative learning environment.

Programme structure

7 Months of Theory Courses + 5 Months of Work Experience

Theory Courses

CPDT100 | College Success Strategies and Orientation (20 hours) CMTY101 | The Canadian Community (40 hours) CMTY102 | The BC Experience (40 hours) CMNS089 | Canadian Interactions (40 hours) ENGL099 | Business, Professional, and Technical English (40 hours) CMNS155 | Intercultural Business Communications (40 hours) ECCE101 | Early Learning Environments (40 hours) ECCE102 | Learning Activity Centers (40 hours) ECCE111 | Child Growth and Development: Foundations and Social Development (40 hours) ECCE112 | Child Growth and Development: Cognitive and Language Development (40 hours) ECCE121 | Guidance, Caring, and Behavior Management (40 hours) ECCE131 | Health, Safety, and Nutrition (40 hours) ECCE141 | Assisting in Language Arts (40 hours) ECCE155 | The Montessori Classroom and Language Arts (40 hours) CPDT099 | Working in the Canadian Workplace (40 hours)

Work Experience (Excluded in Associate Diploma)

COOP120-CLA | Co-operative Education: Childcare and Language Assistant (400 hours)

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to comfortably communicate in various forms, work as a team or independently with a confidence to work with children with a full understanding and awareness of the regulations and policies specific to the workplace. The graduate will be confident in their decisions for their future career path or educational goals in becoming a licensed early childhood educator or other fields such as an education assistant.

Students successfully completing the CLA program may submit their transcript to the Early Childhood Education Ministry to request the equivalent ECEA certificate.

Apply now! Monthly entrollment
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Apply now! Monthly entrollment
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
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