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For those who wish to learn alongside their friends and families, and receive Spanish language instruction that meets their specific goals, Vamos Spanish Academy offers private group classes perfectly suited for your needs.

Our private group classes are designed to combine the dynamic learning environment of a group class, with the flexibility and personalization normally only available through our private one-on-one classes. Many couples traveling together and who have similar Spanish levels enjoy this option, as it lets them work alongside their spouse or partner, whom they know and trust.

This is also a great option if you have a group of friends or coworkers who have similar Spanish skill levels and wish to focus their area of study for professional reasons.

We regularly have private groups dedicated to developing Spanish vocabulary related to such fields as medicine, business, and technology. Private group classes are also an excellent choice for groups who are similarly skilled, and who are all preparing for the same standard exam, such as the DELE or CELU.

Programme structure

Private group classes are for groups of people who wish to work and study together (private groups are not put together by the school–for those wanting this option, please see our small group classes). For those who wish to form their own group, all participants must complete our Spanish level assessment upon registration, so that we can make sure that everyone’s current skill levels are compatible for a shared learning environment.

Private group classes can be scheduled during 6 pm to 9pm, Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.

Our private group classes are typically scheduled between 2pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday, with a minimum class length of one hour. Your group can determine the number of classes per week, and the length of each session. Openings are first come, first serve. The availability of spots varies a great deal, depending on factors including the current class schedule, season, and teacher availability.

Apply now! Monthly entrollment
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Apply now! Monthly entrollment
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
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