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Direct knowledge from industry experts and companies
Our module leaders and course tutors work actively in academia, business and public life in their respective fields. Our company partners are also at the forefront of their industries.
Practical Curriculum
The course modules are developed by our tutors with an eye to direct application in management settings. The modules dovetail into the working environment of our tutors and we adapt them continuously to reflect real-world conditions.
International environment
The course is online which means that you will be able to interact with people from all over the world. We will form and re-form teams during the course so that you get to work with a wide variety of people.
Physical meet-ups in Poland
There will be a meeting in the summer vacation, and there will be the chance to go on business visits to companies in all the vacation periods. These will be at own cost/low cost, and they are not required for the course completion.

Programme structure

Principles of digitalization and Big Data, Critical Thinking+
This module gives an introduction to the landscape of big data and digitalization. There is extensive background reading with accompanying tasks. Students will be given training on how to write management-style reports on the topics and demonstrate critical thinking.

Finance and Investment, Accounting+
In this module basic financial and accounting principles will be taught along with an exploration of how digitalization impacts both the collection and presentation of data and employment patterns in the industry.

Business Analytics, Education and Consumer+
The aim of this module is to present the processes and procedures used in business analytics when it comes to intelligence and actionable insights. This will be seen to apply to sectors ranging from education to consumer goods.

Leadership and Strategy, Ethics+
This module is about how leaders need to take into account the impact of big data and trends in digitalization when making business decisions. An important part of this module concerns ethics. Ethical questions are implicit in technological advances and need to be discussed so as to ensure that informed and balanced decisions are made.

AI and Big Data+
Artificial intelligence is built on big data and this module will provide examples and case studies of the fields where advances are currently being made. How does AI work? What can it do? Will it take us over? What are its limitations? These questions will be addressed in a lively way.

Industry 4.0+
Big data flows continuously across the internet of things. All products are governed by big data. Whether they are industrial robots, household appliances, or autonomous vehicles, big data flows through them in some way. This module will be devoted to a study of how these flows work in practice and how they are used to develop and optimize processes.

Blockchain and Legtech (legal tech)+
This module offers a chance to learn about how blockchain is used to revolutionize contracts and documents, along with its role in identity security. Cryptocurrencies, for which Blockchain provides the basic technology, will also be covered.

Digital Marketing+
Marketing today means digital marketing. This module will give a practical insight as to digital marketing techniques and how they draw extensively on big data such as text and metadata.

Cyber Security+
Crime is increasingly conducted online, and so cyber security is important to every person and every organization. This module will deal with issues such as identity theft, fraud (large scale and small scale), and network and systems security and their consequences. In every organization, managers need to be able to deal with these issues.

Big data in healthcare includes drug discovery based on large datasets. AI is speeding up the process from discovery to the clinic. But that is not all. Patient records are digitalized and held in databases: this raises questions of access and ethics. In addition, medicine is being delivered remotely. This module includes all of these aspects essential for any manager coming into contact with the large and growing healthcare industry.

The revolution in financial technology is powered by big data and digitalization. New disruptors are entering the payments system ecosphere and challenging established banks. New applications make the processing of backend data faster and more efficient. This module lays out the areas where fintech is creating a new frontier in the movement and processing of funds across the world.

Final Project

Career opportunities

Environmental Manager
Data Manager
Industrial Manager
Health Manager
Finance Manager
Business Development Manager
Marketing Manager
Strategic Manager
Any setting where Big Data and Digitalization are found

Apply now! Fall semester 2024
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
16 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2024
This is a rolling intake - applications are accepted all year round.
Studies commence
16 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

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