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M.A.Economic Analysis

Tuition fee €41,400 per year
Application fee €100 one-time
Registration fee $150 one-time

You need to choose student status:
Base – 150 USD
Standard – 500 USD
VIP – 900 USD
For making decisions please contact your admission manager in Baltic Center.
You become a part of student union and ambassador program automatically after you will get Base or Standard or VIP status.

*Do not forget to ask discount


Aim of the study programme is to familiarise students with the most recent paradigms of economic science, and with the interdisciplinary theories related to economics; to expand and noticeably deepen the skills of systemic analysis and modelling, by familiarising student with contemporary theory and practice of econometric, optimization and imitation modelling; to teach the practical application of the front qualitative analysis and mathematical modelling for the solutions of various social and economical problems and systems research, activity analysis, development forecasting and planning; to provide deep knowledge on global, regional and national economic development trends and the theories that explain them, and to train systemic approach skills; to train skills of decision grounding and making in the field of economic management.

Career opportunities

A graduate can work as an economist-analyst and project manager at enterprises, financial and public institutions, international organisations. Versatile education and deep analytical skills, also optimal solution finding skills enable him/her to pursue a successful career in the academic field and public administration.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment