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B.Sc.World Politics and Economy

Tuition fee €2,628 per year
Application fee €100 one-time
Registration fee €150 one-time

– Consultations for selection of HEI
– Migration & visa consultation
– Registration in the Baltic Center database
HEI admission documents’ check
– General testing for all Baltic Center HEIs – Admission Examination
– Student’s admission to HEI
– Documents’ arrangement for the payments to HEI
– Invitation for the embassy.
The period of preparation from week to two months
- You will access to admission system with extra BONUS information&
- You will have your own manager and curators on each stage of admission process.

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Study Programme World Politics and Economy incorporates two main disciplines: political science and economy. Graduates of the programme achieve double diploma –Political Science and Economic Science.

Graduates will be able to:
- To explain the political and economic processes in various countries, regions and globally;
- To assess the links between political actors and economic structures in the political systems of various countries;
- To conduct a comparative analysis of political and economic processes, conduct phenomena analysis and predict the future trend of these processes;
- To do a research of political and economic entities‘ singularities and the relationship between them;
- To identify and assess the main political and economic trends in the world;
- To select and identify the optimal direction of economic and political practice;
- To assess newly acquired skills, constantly collect information and critically assess it, and be guided by continual learning provisions

Programme structure

1 year
I semester

A subject - 4
Introduction to Political Science - 6
Microeconomics - 6
International Relations and Governance - 6
EU politics (1) - 4
Foundations of Law - 4

II semester
B subject - 4
Macroeconomics - 6
EU politics(2) - 4
Political Institutions - 6
Political Philosophy - 6
Introduction to Diplomacy - 4

2 year
I semester

B subject - 4
Global Politics (1) - 4
Public Policy Process - 6
International and National Security - 4
Introduction to Finance - 6
Migration Policy - 6

II semester
B subject - 4
Global Politics (2) - 4
International Political Economy - 6
Methods of Mathematical Statistics in Economics - 6
Human Rights and Democratization - 5
Political Ideologies - 5

3 year
I semester
Introduction to Comparative Politics - 6
Qualitative Research Methods for Politics - 6
History of Economic Theories - 4
Political Sociology - 6
Planning and Implementing Projects - 6

To Choose One from Two Subjects:
Welfare Economics - 4
International Coorporations - 4
II semester
International Trade - 4
Quantitative Research Methods - 6
Geopolitics - 5
Academic Writing in Political Sciences - 5
Term Paper (Political Science) - 3

To Choose One from Two Subjects:
The Politics of Small and Middle Sized States in the International Context - 5
Great Powers in the International Relations - 5

4 year
I semester
EU Economics and Monetary Policy - 4

To Choose One Course of Economics:
Real Estate Economics - 4
Labour Economics and EU Politics - 4

To Choose Four Subjects of Political Science:
Introduction to Latin American Studies - 4
U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policy - 4
Politics of Eastern and Central Europe - 5
Russia‘s Internal and Foreign Policy - 4
International Cooperation in the Black Sea Region - 4
Introduction to Asian Studies - 4
Spec.course - 4
Final Project of Economics - 6

II semester
Practice - 15
Final Project of Political Science - 15

Career opportunities

Graduates of the World Politics and Economy Studies program will be able to pursue their studies in more specialized Master’s programmes in political science, economics and other social sciences and humanities at VMU and other Lithuanian or foreign universities , or to engage in practical activities : work as political advisors, reviewers, managers and economists in Lithuanian and foreign public institutions, national embassies, consular offices, non-governmental organizations, the EU and other international organizations, institutions and offices, the private sector, the media and other public information media. Specialists will be able to compare various countries political and economic processes and to initiate , develop and implement a variety of political, social, economic information’ development projects. Graduates will have the knowledge, abilities and skills to develop and implement international projects, actively participate in the EU Neighbourhood region (the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy, the Mediterranean Partnership) NGO forums to deal with Eastern Europe and the rest of the world political and economic problems, anticipate potential actions scenarios for the future and at the same time represent Lithuania and other countries.

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application deadline
30 Jun 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Riga time

Autumn Intake

Studies commence
Sep 1, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2021/22
Application deadline
30 Jun 2021 23:59:59
Europe/Riga time

Autumn Intake

Studies commence
Sep 1, 2021

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States