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The aim of the Programme is deepening and expanding knowledge and capabilities of highly qualified specialists of ecology, which will enable them to make thorough evaluation measures for management of natural and anthropogenic ecosystems, to analyse integrity of modelling and implementation systems designed for conservation of nature and environment, to select ethically and socially liable methods for evaluation of quality and state of natural systems and to perform in scientific and practical fields of ecology and related sciences.

Карьерные возможности

Graduates are able to work successfully in institutions and companies related to natural systems and environmental quality management, to develop strategies, regulations and supervise their implementation; they are competent to perform activities, requiring responsibility for the development of flora and fauna as well as in industrial ecology, combining production development and environmental protection; their knowledge can be useful in local authorities and regional environmental protection departments.
Possessor of Master degree in Ecology will be able to continue studies according to life science doctoral study programmes and perform fundamental and applied research in scientific institutions of Lithuania and abroad employing contemporary methods and modern technologies of ecological investigations. Students, seeking for professional qualification of teacher can study educology according to programme which does not deliver professional degree.

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