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M.A.Музыкальная педагогика

Плата за обучение 4 916 € за год
Плата за рассмотрение заявления 100 € один раз
Регистрационный взнос 150 $ один раз

You need to choose student status:
Base – 150 USD
Standard – 500 USD
VIP – 900 USD
For making decisions please contact your admission manager in Baltic Center.
You become a part of student union and ambassador program automatically after you will get Base or Standard or VIP status.

*Do not forget to ask discount


The aim of the programme is to educate higher qualification specialists of art pedagogy who are competent, motivated, critically thinking, creative, oriented towards scientific-research activities and interdisciplinarity as well as having mastered innovative computer-assisted music technologies, who will be able to critically assess, implement in practice, investigate and project different formal and non-formal music education models; who on the ground of obtained knowledge, personal, social, specific abilities and values will be able to implement the attitudes of cultural awareness and self-development, to lead and form musical culture of society.

Карьерные возможности

Graduates of the studies can carry out scientific pedagogical work in higher education institutions, gymnasiums, comprehensive education and arts schools, institutions of pre-school education, can lead collectives of non-formal music activities, initiate activities of music education. They have the right to enter the third cycle studies.

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