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M.A.Социальные работы

Плата за обучение 4 096 € за год
Плата за рассмотрение заявления 100 € один раз
Регистрационный взнос 150 $ один раз

You need to choose student status:
Base – 150 USD
Standard – 500 USD
VIP – 900 USD
For making decisions please contact your admission manager in Baltic Center.
You become a part of student union and ambassador program automatically after you will get Base or Standard or VIP status.

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The aim of the Programme is to train high qualified professional social workers who are able to assess multifunctional character of social work as applied activity, study field and field of science on the theoretical and practical level in the context of the assurance of health and life welfare of changing society; to be ready for professional practical activity and scientific research on community, national and international levels, to be able to act under undefined and complex circumstances, rendering assistance to people in the situation of congenital, acquired and old age disability in the process of life. It is obligatory for Joint Master’s study programme the physical students’ mobility for seven weeks to Ukraine University in Ukraine.

Карьерные возможности

Graduates can work as social work specialists at different type institutions (non-governmental organizations, local communities, local or regional) that provide a variety of social and other services.

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