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Today the greatest business opportunities as well as the greatest challenges companies face are global in nature, therefore, the demand for global leaders is increasing. But what does “global” really mean? Truly global leaders act as bridge builders, connectors of resources and talents across cultural and political boundaries — relentlessly dedicated to finding new ways of creating value. They don’t just think and act global, they are global.

The global mindset allows leaders to connect with individuals and organizations across boundaries. We will show you how to develop global leadership skills – problem solving, analytical skills, team building, etc.

The leaders of the future will increasingly need to have a global mindset and appeal to ideals that inspire people. Globalization, international relations, ideologies, nationalism – these are only some of leadership concepts students` will analyze.

This summer school will provide students with a unique experience: interactive lectures, workshops, presentations of good practices and field trips. During all summer school practices students will be able to ask questions, discuss and compare the newly acquired knowledge to the situation in their home countries. Students will develop the ability to synthesize multiple perspectives on globalization and global leadership, strengthening their problem resolution and leadership skills.This summer school will improve written, oral communication and presentation skills along with skills in debating, analyzing, formulating and defending arguments as well as case study analysis.

Структура программы

The programme includes workshops and lectures in:

● Business Etiquette
● Cultural Diversity
● Social Behaviourism
● Emotional Intelligence
● Future Educational Challenges
● Upcoming Global Business and Social Challenges
● Impact of Cultural Differences on Organizations
● Social Entrepreneurship

Подать заявление! Лето 2022
Период подачи заявлений истек
Начало обучения
8 авг. 2022 г.
Подать заявление! Лето 2022
Период подачи заявлений истек
Начало обучения
8 авг. 2022 г.