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B.Sc.Администрирование учреждений и компаний

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General Description:
Objective(s) of a study programme:
To prepare a modern specialist in administration
of institutions and companies who is able to
understand and apply the principles needed to
manage companies and institutions, finance and
accounting, as well as documents, to conduct
applied researches, to use the information
systems, and communication technologies, to
implement managerial projects, quality control,
social responsibility and ethical principles, to
communicate in public space in the official and
foreign languages, to take independent
Learning outcomes:
The program graduate will:
1. Know the principles of institutions and
companies’ establishment, performance,
administration, development and their legal
2. Know financial management and accounting.
3. Implement applied researches in institutions
and companies, using both quantitative and
qualitative research methods.
4. Critically analyze, summarize and apply the
obtained research data in institution and business
5. Apply the principles needed in planning,
organizing, motivating and controlling the
activities of institutions and companies.
6. Prepare, perform accounting, manage and
keep the documents of institutions and
companies, using the principles of document
7. Use information systems and communication
8. Communicate in public and international
space with external entities in the official and
foreign language (-s).
9. Create and implement the principles of quality
management, social responsibility and ethics.
10. Form own and employees’ conscientious
need for continual learning and development.
11. Develop the abilities to think logically, to
solve problems, to adapt to new situations.
Activities of teaching and learning:
Lectures, seminars, exercises, discussions, group
work, literature analysis, project preparation,
individual tasks, etc.
Methods of assessment of learning
Accumulative grading strategy is applied.
Particular study achievements foreseen in the
program of the study subject are assessed by
components of accumulative assessment.
Achievements of the study subjects are assessed
during the semester, mid-assessments are
applied, tests are done, practical and
independent works are described and defended
orally. Subject studies are completed with
examination assessment.
Study subjects (modules), practical training:
General Study Subjects (26 credits): Sociology,
Philosophy, Standard of Language and
Professional Language, Professional Foreign
Language 1 (English, German, French),
Professional Foreign Language 2 (English,
German, French, Russian), Psychology. Scope –
26 credits.
Subjects of the Study Field (103 credits):
Applied Mathematics, Professional Ethics and
International Protocol, Information Technology,
Economics of Organizations, Document
Management, Organisation of Business Events,
Management of Institutions and Companies
(TP), Methodology of Applied Research and
Statistics, Accounting and Finance,
Organizational Behavior, Marketing, Personnel
Management, Occupational and Civil Safety,
Project Management,
Public Administration System, Workflow
Management, Law, Quality Management,
Organizational Social Responsibility,
Communication and Public Relations, Term
Paper, Final Paper.
Professional Training Practice (42 credits):
Management Practice, Entrepreneurial Skills
Development in PTF, Administrative Skills
Training in an Enterprise, Computer-based
Management Program, Final Practice
Specialisations: no
Optional courses:
Student‘s optional courses consist of 9 credits.
Students can choose any optional courses from
the subjects taught in other study programs at
Klaipėda State College or choose to attend a
particular course in other higher education
Distinctive features of a study programme:
Access to professional activity or further study:
Access to professional activity:
Individuals having successfully completed the
studies based on this study program will be able
to independently carry out work requiring
personal responsibility in the following areas:
organization and coordination of company,
institution (subdivision) activities; management
of information and documents; personnel
administration in a company, an institution (a
subdivision); company, institution image
creation; administration of company, institution
material and financial resources. The graduates
of this study program can work in different types
of business enterprises, state and public
Access to further study:
Graduates can seek for acknowledgement of
study achievements in order to continue first
study circle studies at university. After
graduation of bridging studies or
accomplishment of the requirements set by the
other higher education institution, graduates are
entitled to continue second study circle postgraduate studies.

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Начало обучения
16 сент. 2024 г.
Подать заявление! Осенний семестр 2024
Период подачи заявлений истек
Начало обучения
16 сент. 2024 г.