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B.Sc.Прикладной английский язык

Плата за обучение 2 700 € за год
Плата за рассмотрение заявления 100 € один раз
Регистрационный взнос 150 € один раз

– Consultations for selection of HEI
– Migration & visa consultation
– Registration in the Baltic Center database
HEI admission documents’ check
– General testing for all Baltic Center HEIs – Admission Examination
– Student’s admission to HEI
– Documents’ arrangement for the payments to HEI
– Invitation for the embassy.
The period of preparation from week to two months
- You will access to admission system with extra BONUS information&
- You will have your own manager and curators on each stage of admission process.

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Programme objective: to prepare specialists who are able to work in international and Lithuanian companies, state and educational institutions, tourism, trade and other organizations, who are able to efficiently use general and business English language, have basics of second foreign language, are able to translate economic, business, political and journalistic texts as well as written business correspondence, orally translate business meetings and conversations with foreign customers and partners.

The course is not for Russian speaking students.

Структура программы

1 course
Modern English
Introduction to Linguistics
Morphological Aspects of Translation
Introduction to Media
Lexicological and Lexicographical Aspects of Translation
Second Foreign Language
Language of Media
Language Practice

2 course
Modern English
Intercultural Communication
Contemporary Literature
Writing for Business
Business English: Management
Syntactic Aspects of Translation
Fundamentals of Law
Practice in a Company

3 course
Linguistic Analysis of Text
Theory and Practice of Translation
Business English: Finance and Accounting in Management
Integrated Business Studies
Project Management
Modern Technologies in Translation
Pragmatic Aspects of Translation
Modern English
Final Practice in Translation (in a company)

Карьерные возможности

Lithuania became a member of the EU, European market was opened, export increased, new opportunities were created to develop international business and projects . Also the use of English and other European languages in business, politics and cultural life is growing, thus the demand for foreign language professionals who are able to work in the international organizations and projects is increasing. The graduates of this study programme will be able to work as translators, advisers, project team members in businesses, state institutions, in commercial, financial and service companies.

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